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Our network of studios is simply the best. Practice everything—from heart-pumping indoor cycling to body-transforming core to discipline-inducing fight to high-octane performance to mind-calming yoga to body-defining Pilates—inside the best facilities, under the best instruction that NYC and LA have to offer. Consider this network the biggest, best-edite bi-coastal gym. Sweat, push, and enjoy.


FITiST is all about access in a few clicks, so we’ve recommended some of NYC and LA's best services in each category to make your experience that much more perfect. Maximize your plan with add-ons like personal training, massage therapy, nutrition counseling, and other wellness services. You’ll be surprised at how these offerings will balance your regimens and enhance your experience.

Our Experts

Our team comprises nationally recognized authorities in nutrition, personal training, women’s health and fertility, and sports medicine. Benefit from a wealth of professional tips, special advice, seasoned experience and Ivy League knowledge. We know that encouragement and guidance are key components to a successful experience, so we’ve selected the best in the business to put you on the right path.